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How Strong is Your Password?


It would take  to crack your password.
It would take  to crack your password.

We will not retain information entered into this password grader. The password you enter is checked and graded on your computer. It is not sent over the Internet. Just the same, be careful where you type your passwords anywhere online.

Note: This is not a guarantee of the security of your password. Please use it for reference only. This is not a replacement for professional security products. It is intended to educate on the weakest of passwords—not highly analyze strong passwords.

I pledge to keep what's mine mine.
challenge your friends
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Are you a password master? Challenge your friends and find out who's hackable and who's uncrackable!
Want to take your password from hackable to uncrackable?
Step 1: Make a strong password
Step 2:
Use multiple passwords
Try never to duplicate passwords. If you need help moving from one password, use this helpful trick: one for your banking, another for email, and another for social.
Step 3: Diversify your social passwords for added security
"My 1st Password!: Twitr"
"My 1st Password!: Fb"
"My 1st Password!: Redd"
Congratulations! You are now a password master.
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